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How to Choose a Life Coach

Life coaching is not just a profession but an art in itself. It has been known in recent years as a potent way of people seeking help, providing them their own personal “helper,” who teams up with them to enhance each part of their lives. It has altered the paradigm of how people seek help using a more client-centered approach.

A life coach never takes a client or session lightly. They view it as a sacred place for another individual, offering them the opportunity to be sincerely heard (for the first time in years for some people), and within that holy space are miracles waiting to happen.

The person’s own skills in problem-solving start to work, and they come to the conclusion they can actually solve their problems on their own without others’ advice. On its own this realization can change a life. The individual starts to view things from a whole new perspective and reaches into that part of themselves that already has all the answers. They take control.

Listening totally – that is, with undivided attention fixed on the other individual, is a requirement of life coaching. People today are rarely ever listened to in this busy world we’re all moving in. A life coach has a natural ability to listen. It is effective for clients, the ones who can express themselves openly, to have somebody who really listens to them. Helping others in their quest for a good life needs more listening than speaking or teaching.

When somebody is listened to with complete focus on what they would like to say, they build their own solutions, come up with their own decisions, and see options they never thought were there until now.

When selecting a life coach there are particular qualities you must to look for. A life coach with plenty of certifications may not be able to listen well or possess inherent people skills, while another who has had no formal certification may have exceptional listening skills and high-value insights.

Before choosing a life coach, take time to ask the following questions:

Is the life coach a good listener?

Do they make you comfortable enough that you can be totally open to them?

Does it feel like they actually understand you?

Are they passionate and authentic when dealing with you?

Does it feel as though they really want the best for you instead of having some ulterior agenda?

A life coach should listen to you and guide you, not teach you what to do. They do should not provide therapy or consultancy. Keep in mind that you are in control. If a prospective life coach tells you that he can run your life for you, be wary.

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