Tips for Choosing First Aid Kits for Sports

People who participate in any kind of sports or athletic activities may want to keep a first aid kit handy during these pursuits. There are special athletic medical kits available that include all the basics that could come in handy for coaches or even individuals should someone get injured. Following a few tips will make it easier to choose the right kit for your purposes.

Size of Kit

An individual will be able to get by with a small first aid kit that can easily be thrown into a gym bag, while a coach that’s providing medical supplies for a team may want a larger kit in case of multiple injuries during a game.

The level of medical training a person has will also be a factor. Someone without any first aid training may want to only carry the basic items, while someone trained as a first responder may carry more specialized medical equipment in their first aid kit.

Type of Case

Regardless of the size of the kit, choose one with a sturdy case that’s preferably waterproof. Some kits come in plastic boxes, while others come in nylon bags, including some shaped like backpacks to make them easy to carry.

Containers are often red with white writing, with some having reflective strips to make them easier to see in the dark. When participating in a sport during extreme conditions, make sure the case can handle them without cracking.

Contents of the Kit

When first purchasing a kit, it’s usually easier to purchase a ready-made kit instead of purchasing all of the items individually. This also limits the risk of forgetting something important when stocking the kit.

Some companies offer the option to customize this type of first aid kit by sport, and as people learn what is most important for the activities they participate in, the contents of the kit can be altered to suit their needs. A kit meant for a particular sport is better than a general kit.

Special Considerations

Consider the particular risks associated with the location and activity. For example, if an area is known for having poison ivy, make sure to pack the appropriate treatment.